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Meet Renae

Who is Renae?  Well, no one is quite sure!!  One thing is for sure, I'm a realist.  We had four kids in five 

years, (yes God has a sense of humor), and it made me realize life is not perfect!!  

My husband Chuck has the motto, "It's all about the 

adventure". You know things are going to go wrong, and at the worst possible time---so just

relax and take a breath.  One time while on vacation 1000 miles from home, our car broke

down and needed a new transmission.  Instead of whining, we made it an adventure.  Spent the

night at a hotel, went to a pool during the day and had a great time.  We still

remember that trip and the great memories.


*After 31 years of begging from my husband, I have joined the ranks of golfers.  


*Don't like coffee or even the smell of it.  


*I have a love hate relationship with Diet Coke


*I'm  dog lover

*Love me some nap time!!

*I love being a portrait photographer 

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