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The Process

A very important part of this process is communicating to us what you are looking for.  Sometimes, you won't even know, until some questions get asked.  Just know, that our process has worked for many years, and we change it as needed to make your experience the best it can be.  We hope to exceed your expectations.  If we don't, we expect you to communicate to us what we can do better. Please be sure to read the following information, and please ask questions if you have any.

What should I do first?

Call or email the studio to make a consultation  appointment. Call 281.507.2162 or email

Why do I need a consultation?

The consultation usually takes place in your home so we can get to know you better.  What your styles are, where you will hang your portraits, who will be photographed, location, clothing,  and more.   Creating a piece of art you can treasure forever takes some forethought, and it is very important, you are part of the process.  

How do I order my photographs?

During the consultation, we will set up an appointment for your portrait session and an appointment to view your images.  One of our staff will assist you in placing your order. It is important you come to the meeting ready to make decisions about your order and not have any distractions.  If we have done our job properly, most of the big decisions have will have already been made.

When will my photographs be ready?

Usually  4-6 weeks.  However there are times it may take longer, but we will be sure to 

communicate if it takes longer. 

When are fees dues?

The session fee is due when making a consultation appointment. This fee include the consultation, the portrait session, processing and preparation of the images. The rest of the fees are due at the ordering appointment.    

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